"Buy a Gift - Give a Gift"

Welcome to Charitable Art!
When you buy a piece of art from us 50% of the purchase price is given to charity.  You can choose a charity from a list that we provide.  You get the tax deduction and a lot of appreciation.  If you were to have a large order, we would entertain the possibilities of supporting a charity of your choice.  Just contact us for further discussion.  

I started Charitable Art in July of 2006.  My idea was to find a way where I could have FUN with my art, GIVE TO CHARITY,and recoup expenses if possible.  I dabble in several medias, handmade, hand painted tiles, fused glass, anodized aluminum, and silk scarf painting.  I've also encouraged several of my friends to share their art and also give 50% to charity. - Jeff Becker

Charitable Art as of Jan 1, 2018 has raised a total of $46,594 for charities.
I hope you will be inspired to "Buy a Gift - Give a Gift"       
I look forward to hearing from you -

Thanks Jeff Becker / Charitable Art                        


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Handmade ceramic tiles, fused glass, jewelry, anodized aluminum, horseshoe nail art, painted silk scarves, and cards.

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